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Shelter by Primitive Art
Triennale Milano, February 2020

Shelter is a project by Primitive Art (Matteo Pit and Jim C. Nedd).


Conceived in chapters, as a device open to change, it combines different expressive languages such as performance, visual arts, and architecture. Shelter consists of a metal stilt house whose simple structure resembles a child’s drawing, depicting an abode raised from the ground on extendable mechanical legs.


A skeleton form permeated by the public gaze, a 12-metre-square platform where Primitive Art brings the performance to life. A residential space – rich in contradictions and conflicts as residences normally are – that provides a backdrop to some of the band’s key themes: isolation, as refuge and escapism; unresolved desire; nostalgia, a longing for a place that seems impossible to either clearly recall or to forget; a feeling of a danger to decipher and locate.

Photography Gianluca Di Ioia

Around the structure is a 7.1 surround sound system and lights that invite the public to enjoy the situation in a completely original and fluid way, to arrange and move in circles around the duo as though in an arena, breaking down and going beyond the usual frontal relationship between audience and performer, and intensifying the relationship between these two subjects, making the experience both individual and collective.


For Primitive Art, Shelter is the place – both physical and conceptual – for the synthesis and application of their thematic and technical research, a place of mutation that, after its debut at Triennale di Milano, will continue its journey at Terraforma Festival, opening up to other collaborations, adapting to new contexts and continuing to assume new forms.


A project by Primitive Art, curated by Davide Giannella, produced by Triennale Milano in collaboration with Threes, and supported by Marsèll.

Photography Ilaria Orsini

Primitive Art

Primitive Art (Matteo Pit, 1991; Jim C. Nedd, 1991) is an experimental music duo formed in Milan in 2011. In 2013, Primitive Art’s debut album Problems presented for the first time a mixture of musical elements that would place them outside genres. A sound where hypnotic rhythms, melancholic melodies, verses and words collide with each other to create strange soundscapes. In 2018, they released the Crab Suite EP on Arcola, historic sub-label of Warp Records, and in June 2019 they participated in celebrations for the 30th anniversary of Warp Records with a mix of live recordings collected between 2018 and 2019.

Photography Gianluca Di Ioia

Davide Giannella

Davide Giannella is an independent curator. His research focuses mainly on the possible relationships between the art system and different areas of the contemporary cultural horizon (cinema, architecture, design, publishing, music) as well as the translation of projects and artistic content across different contexts and platforms. He has curated exhibitions for public and private institutions as well as shows for festivals in Italy and abroad. He is co-founder of Milanese project space MEGA.



Terraforma is an international music festival dedicated to artistic experimentation and sustainability. The three-day event has taken place in the garden of Villa Arconati, near Milan, since 2014. The artists range from early innovators and genre precursors to young and promising talents from the experimental music scene, brought together for an ever-evolving approach to active and creative research. Choosing sustainability as the festival’s modus operandi, through the ongoing maintenance of the Villa Arconati grounds, the aim is to discover new sustainable resources and to reduce environmental impact.