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Marsèll presents Forme Visive, a new digital project that continues the brand’s research into the international photography scene.

Forme Visive is a digital archive presenting heterogenous images by different photographers, all sharing their own personal interpretation of the brand’s values.

Forme Visive is a study of archive images that reflect the Marsèll’s values: timelessness, authenticity, understatement and unpredictability.


The photographers involved are Luca De Santis, Li Hui, Barrie Hullegie, Martina Maffini, Piotr Niepsuj, Ilaria Orsini, and Claudia Zalla, all of whom work in different fields including travel, fashion, design, art, and architecture. Their images are diverse shots of the universe around them, exactly as it appears to them.


All the images are taken from existing unreleased projects or work that has been set aside in digital archives. The idea is to create a form of “sustainable communication” since today’s constant production of content might also be viewed as a type of pollution. We are connected and interconnected now more than ever and Marsèll’s intention is to share our space, placing value on what we already have and creating a new way to narrate it.


This venture is also designed to maintain coherence with the past ten years, during which the company has invested in and held many exhibitions by young artists inside its spaces; while aware that the digital world offers unprecedented value and impact, the idea is to eventually give physical form to this project, transforming it into a show at Marsèll Paradise in Milan.


Forme Visive smoothly integrates into the Marsèll communication strategy, continuing the brand’s dissociation from a self-referential approach and consistent with the fourth consecutive season of product-free adv campaigns.
Photographer Li Hui’s work adopts an expansive vision of photography that finds beauty in everyday life and extends beyond formal distinctions.
Martina is an Italian photographer. She moved to Paris in 2003 after finishing her studies in Political Science. She then lived in Buenos Aires and NYC for 10 years before returning to Paris in 2014 where she founded Depasquale+Maffini Studio with partner Michael. In her personal projects, she is attracted by landscapes and emotions connected to our relationship with nature. She works for travel and interior magazines such as Openhouse Magazine, Dim Dam Dom, and The Good Life, among others.
Claudia Zalla is an Italian photographer, currently living and working in Milan. She mostly works in fashion and design, collaborating with brands and magazines. Alongside her professional photography, she continues to develop her personal research, which focuses on the urban landscape and seeks to narrate everyday life.
Italian photographer. Ilaria Orsini’s nuanced and offbeat approach to fashion photography hails a new breed of photographers elegantly using angles, geometric forms and simple details to achieve striking results. Her spontaneity often leads to the fusion of chance elements in her work, creating remarkable combinations: a traffic cone on a NY street, or a model walking in front of the camera of off set. This characterises Ilaria’s approach to photography; a combination of elements from the street, the studio and different interiors, a trait recognisable in her first shoots for Double Magazine, Italian Vogue, Another Magazine, and others. Ilaria studied Visual Communication and has a Master’s in photography. She moved to Paris after graduating and currently lives between London and Milan.
Barrie Hullegie (1976) is a Dutch photographer with a distinctive eye for style, light, and composition. With his subtle and fresh approach to fashion and portraiture, Barrie explores the individual and their surroundings. Capturing human nature through close-ups, details, and atmosphere and striving to create intimate, authentic images, Barrie’s work always carries an emotional narrative. In 2018, Barrie founded, a platform on which he self-published the first issue of A’E poster magazine.
Luca De Santis (1976) is an Italian photographer and director. Editor and creative director of Cartography magazine, he lives and works in Milan.
Born in Poland in 1984, Piotr Niepsuj is a Milan-based photographer and image consultant.