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Marsèll presents Forme Visive, a new digital project that continues the brand’s research into the international photography scene. Forme Visive is a study of archive images that reflect the Marsèll’s values: timelessness, authenticity, understatement and unpredictability.


The photographers involved work in different fields including travel, fashion, design, art, and architecture. Their images are diverse shots of the universe around them, exactly as it appears to them.


All the images are taken from existing unreleased projects or work that has been set aside in digital archives. The idea is to create a form of “sustainable communication” since today’s constant production of content might also be viewed as a type of pollution. We are connected and interconnected now more than ever and Marsèll’s intention is to share our space, placing value on what we already have and creating a new way to narrate it.


This venture is also designed to maintain coherence with the past ten years, during which the company has invested in and held many exhibitions by young artists inside its spaces; while aware that the digital world offers unprecedented value and impact, the idea is to eventually give physical form to this project, transforming it into a show at Marsèll Paradise in Milan.


Forme Visive smoothly integrates into the Marsèll communication strategy, continuing the brand’s dissociation from a self-referential approach and consistent with the fourth consecutive season of product-free adv campaigns.

Forme Visive 2022
Elena Helfrecht

Elena Helfrecht (*1992) is a German visual artist based in Bavaria. She completed her MA in Photography at the Royal College of Art in London in 2019, after receiving her BA in Art History and Book Science from Friedrich Alexander-Universität in Erlangen. Her practice revolves around the inner space and the phenomena of consciousness, emerging from an autobiographical context and opening up to the surreal and fantastic, at times grotesque. Interweaving memories, experiences, and imagination, she creates inextricable narratives with multiple layers of meaning, characterised by a visceral iconography. Elena’s work has been exhibited and published internationally and is held in private and public collections.

Forme Visive 2022
Francesco Merlini

Born in Aosta in 1986, Francesco is currently based in Milan. After graduating in industrial design from the Politecnico di Milano, he devoted himself entirely to photography. Following an extensive period working for the Italian press, Francesco now mainly concentrates on his own personal long-term projects, reportages, and editorials. In 2012, Francesco’s work was published in the book Mono vol. One alongside renowned photographers such as Daido Moryiama, Anders Petersen and Antoine d’Agata. In 2016, he was selected by the British Journal of Photography for The Talent Issue: Ones to Watch. In 2020, Francesco was nominated for the Prix HSBC pour la Photographie. His first book, The Flood, published by Void, will be released in 2020.

Forme Visive 2022
Mark Arrigo

Mark Arrigo is a Maltese-British photographer, filmmaker and published author. He started his career travelling the world making documentary films before settling in London to work in the British film industry where he builds new visual worlds, creating fashion films, music videos and advertising campaigns. He has co-written and directed two personal short films, the most recent, ‘Adnan’ is a BAFTA qualifier and has won multiple awards for ‘Best Film’ including ‘Best Global Short’ at SCAD Savanna Film Festival. A fashion and fine-art photographer, his work is known for being visually poetic and narrative-driven, it’s been published in the Sunday Times, Wonderland, Monocle and more.

Forme Visive 2022
Matteo De Maida

Matteo de Mayda (b. 1984, Italy) is a Venice-based photographer represented by Contrasto. His visual research focuses on social and environmental causes. He participated in several exhibitions, including the United Nations (Geneva, 2013), the Venice Biennale of Architecture (Venice, 2016), Head On Photo Festival (Sidney, 2020), MUFOCO (Milan, 2021), Triennale (Milan, 2021) and Design Museum (London, 2022). In 2019 he published “Era Mare”, a book about the high water in Venice, whose proceeds went totally to the shopkeepers who needed help. In 2020 he was awarded among the winners of the “REFOCUS” call by MIBACT for his work on Covid-19. In the same year he was selected by ARTRIBUNE magazine as the best young Italian photographer of the year. In 2021 he was selected among the emerging authors of the European Union program “Futures” and won the Italian Sustainability Photo Award (ISPA) grant with his project about the Vaia storm. In 2022 he’s a finalist of the Gabriele Basilico Prize. His images have been featured in The New York Times, The Guardian, The Washington Post, British Journal of Photography, Internazionale, Die Zeit, National Geographic and Vogue.

Forme Visive 2022
Michael Di Pasquale

Michael De Pasquale is an artist working in the medium of photography. Raised in upstate New York and first trained by his father, Michael began his formal studies of photography in London, before graduating to The Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara. Michael, with a love for light and design, is constantly exploring composition and perceptual space.

Forme Visive 2022
Pavel Golik

Pavel Golik is a Siberian-born, Milan-based photographer. Graduated in engineering he started his photography career when he moved to Milan in 2018. He explores the art of fast photography through different means experimenting with the phone’s built-in cameras.

Forme Visive 2022

GORSAD – the Kyiv-based trio of artists, specializing in alternative photography and provocative video. As a creative team, it has existed since 2011. The works of Maria Romanyuk, Viktor Vasilyev and Yulian Romanyuk, who have repeatedly exhibited in Paris, New York, Berlin and Barcelona, have also been published in ID-Vice magazine, Dazed & Confused, Tissue, L’officel, S Magazine New York and many others. The heroes of GORSAD’s works are often children and adolescents in adolescence, and the projects are a daring experiment and illustrate the search for one’s own “I”.

Forme Visive 2021
Aitor Bigas

Aitor Bigas is an audiovisual artist based in Barcelona. His imaginary emerges from a curiosity about symbols, sculpture and the aesthetics of architecture. His most notable works are the short film IMPERIA (White Horse, 2020), the music video SENECA for Pedro Vian (O Estudio Creativo, 2019), the book INSIGNIA (Clandestine Books, 2019), and the book DESPARTENÇA (Conjunto Vacío, 2021). He is currently working on a new book E-42 that will be published soon by Terranova Editorial.

Forme Visive 2021
András Ladocsi

András Ladocsi’s (b.1992, Hungary) desire for seeking and finding the truth comes from the subject he observes. All his works reassure and delight the viewer, but are equally capable of discomforting them. In his photos, naturalism and realism is greatly anesthetized and organized into tight compositions. The works vibrate between an intimate and a more distanced approach. The artist’s intent to systematize, and to create is unavoidably present in the pictures, but his neutral use of space and backgrounds being completely free from identity, provide adequate territory for the observer’s personal interpretation. His art also exhibits noticeable cohesion. This does not sprout from a labored stylistic mannerism, but instead from the explicit and successful display of a distinct vision.

Forme Visive 2021
Jacob Howard

Jacob Howard is a photographer and art director from New Zealand, based between New Zealand & France. His photographic work is built around travel and a curiosity for the unknown. To capture the transitory and reveal the hidden. He is influenced by the natural and cultural world, enigmatic structures, unexpected encounters and moments of change. To question his own in-betweenness, the space between “what was” and “what will be” and how he fits within the world around him.

Forme Visive 2021
Kata Geibl

Kata Geibl (1989, Budapest) is a photographer living and working in The Hague. Her work is mainly focused on global issues, capitalism, the Anthropocene, and the ambiguities of the photographic medium. She often uses metaphors, allegories to tackle these contemporary conditions. Her previous work entitled Sisyphus received international attention, was exhibited at UNSEEN Amsterdam which was followed by her first solo show in Budapest. She received the emerging talent Paris Photo Carte Blanche Award for the series and in the same year she was nominated for Palm* Photo Prize. She is currently working on her new series titled There is Nothing New Under the Sun. The series deals with the rampant individualism that underpins our contemporary social, political, and economic system, and in particular, the environmental impact that it has.

Forme Visive 2021
Margherita Di Battista

Margherita Di Battista is an Italian photographer, currently working and living in Milan. Her academic background helped her to develop her artistic studies where she refined her aesthetic and image education. Her interest mainly lies in conceptual and fine art photography. She loves to capture moments with dramatic lighting and focusing on natural colors, with a melancholic feel. Her photography focuses on the small details and moments of everyday life. Her visual language is very simple, clear and direct. She is 1/3 of Studio Mare.

Forme Visive 2021
Sebastian Rogowski

Born in Poland and based in Rotterdam, Netherlands, Sebastian Rogowski (1979) stood behind camera only in 2017. Since then, he carried out multiple personal projects: Israel-based The desert fever, Suicidal Birds on central Asia and most recently Owl Mountains. His passion for new documentary is manifested in choice of ordinary, everyday subjects. He sees beauty in melancholy and evanescence. Sebastian is fascinated with places, which have been marked by difficult history as well as rapid cultural changes. He is inspired by nature and the sublime. After graduating Academy of Photography in Warsaw he now attends Photography at KABK in Hague.

Forme Visive 2021
Yu Lin Humm

Yu Lin Humm was born in Milan, Italy. After producing her first analog documentary photo reportage in Vietnam in 2012, she worked as fashion photographer and cinematographer in New York City, Venice and Berlin. Her last 10 years of travels portrayed with analog photography are now being archived and collected in several series of fine art photographs, soon to be published in limited editions. Yu Lin lives & works in her studio in Sintra, Portugal.

Forme Visive 2020
Li Hui

Photographer Li Hui’s work adopts an expansive vision of photography that finds beauty in everyday life and extends beyond formal distinctions.

Forme Visive 2020
Martina Maffini

Martina is an Italian photographer. She moved to Paris in 2003 after finishing her studies in Political Science. She then lived in Buenos Aires and NYC for 10 years before returning to Paris in 2014 where she founded Depasquale+Maffini Studio with partner Michael. In her personal projects, she is attracted by landscapes and emotions connected to our relationship with nature. She works for travel and interior magazines such as Openhouse Magazine, Dim Dam Dom, and The Good Life, among others.

Forme Visive 2020
Claudia Zalla

Claudia Zalla is an Italian photographer, currently living and working in Milan. She mostly works in fashion and design, collaborating with brands and magazines. Alongside her professional photography, she continues to develop her personal research, which focuses on the urban landscape and seeks to narrate everyday life.

Forme Visive 2020
Ilaria Orsini

Italian photographer. Ilaria Orsini’s nuanced and offbeat approach to fashion photography hails a new breed of photographers elegantly using angles, geometric forms and simple details to achieve striking results. Her spontaneity often leads to the fusion of chance elements in her work, creating remarkable combinations: a traffic cone on a NY street, or a model walking in front of the camera of off set. This characterises Ilaria’s approach to photography; a combination of elements from the street, the studio and different interiors, a trait recognisable in her first shoots for Double Magazine, Italian Vogue, Another Magazine, and others. Ilaria studied Visual Communication and has a Master’s in photography. She moved to Paris after graduating and currently lives between London and Milan.

Forme Visive 2020
Barrie Hullegie

Barrie Hullegie (1976) is a Dutch photographer with a distinctive eye for style, light, and composition. With his subtle and fresh approach to fashion and portraiture, Barrie explores the individual and their surroundings. Capturing human nature through close-ups, details, and atmosphere and striving to create intimate, authentic images, Barrie’s work always carries an emotional narrative. In 2018, Barrie founded, a platform on which he self-published the first issue of A’E poster magazine.

Forme Visive 2020
Luca De Santis

Luca De Santis (1976) is an Italian photographer and director. Editor and creative director of Cartography magazine, he lives and works in Milan.

Forme Visive 2020
Piotr Niepsuj

Born in Poland in 1984, Piotr Niepsuj is a Milan-based photographer and image consultant.