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Marsèll + Cabinet Milano

Marsèll’s natural inclination for research and experimentation finds its voice in collaborations with independent brands such as Cabinet Milano, with which Marsèll has launched a capsule collection of shoes, bags, and accessories. The objective is to develop collections that go beyond the concept of trends.


Marsèll and Cabinet share a common interest in overcoming trends and seasonality, developing collections of well-crafted items that are suited to both everyday life and special occasions, with strong personality and identity.

High quality materials, soft hues, gender-neutral designs and a multi-functional attitude are the key elements behind the series of shoes, bags and accessories developed by Marsèll and Cabinet Milano for the 461U collection.
Photography Luca Scavone
Art Direction Cabinet Milano
Video Luca Scavone

Marsèll is presenting the first accessories capsule collection with Cabinet in the Marsèll showroom’s Limonaia in via Paullo 12A in Milan. The accessories collection consists of a unisex fisherman, an oversized shopper, a keychain/card holder that can be worn around the neck.


The set up of the Limonaia is an explosion of Cabinet’s world: with objects of everyday Cabinet’s life mixed with design pieces, mostly by the Italian brand Olivetti that share with the fashion brand the cultural value investigation behind its products.


The concept of the set up is made in collaboration with the interior designer Irene Passalacqua, Daniele Lorenzon owner of Compasso Gallery, and the ceramic studio Rio Grande.

Photography Giulio Ghirardi


The disappearance of formalwear rules is perhaps the most obvious indication of the changes taking place today among new generations, the visual testament that best describes the dissolution of social roles and, consequently, of wardrobe aesthetics. Without even considering official statistics and political debate, the state of new workwear is already proving to be the perfect embodiment of a new way of understanding an individual and his or her associations at work and at home. In the beginning, there were suits, precisely the three-piece-suit, lined with the rhetoric of male efficiency, an icon that, back in the eighties, women appropriated in their public redefinition. Today, that sense of formal dress is vanishing, or rather, it is reformulating itself, leaving behind hierarchies of power and gender definitions. Cabinet is trying to fill the void that is being left. It is first and foremost a study of identity and of self-definition through the primary elements of color and fabric, which speak to a well defined community and to the abandoning of rules and ceremonies of the past.


Just one colour, a few fabrics and a seasonality based on function and not accumulation. Knowing that society is rejecting everything formal, even in terms of clothing, Cabinet is attempting to re-design workwear with a well-appointed selection of key pieces that resist trends. Cabinet is not looking to make collections – including coats, trench coats, jackets, pants, shirts, camisoles, socks and shoes – season after season at predefined rates. Instead, its aim is to create basic pieces that make up a quality wardrobe, entirely produced in Italy. For this reason, even the sizes can be customised: another opportunity to design clothes directly on and for the body. Cabinet’s releases will focus on specific colours or one or more fabrics. And it all begins December 2018 with Pantone 445C and cotton and light wool. The idea is to create the Cabinet look over time, mixing colors and fabrics from different releases or maintaining the original single color. Cabinet is a project by Rossana Passalacqua and Francesco Valtolina.

Photography Giulio Ghirardi

Rossana Passalacqua

Rossana Passalacqua is a fashion stylist and consultant currently based in Milan. Since 2003 she has been collaborating with various brands and magazines. In 2015 she founded Anticàmera with Eléna Olavarria Dallo. Anticàmera is a location consultancy agency, with a focus on curatorial projects about places. Rossana takes care mostly of agency’s aesthetics aspects, the curation of portfolios/publications, research and selection of photographers.


Francesco Valtolina

Francesco Valtolina is a Creative Director and Graphic Designer, based in Milano. Co-founder with Kevin Pedron of Dallas, a Creative Direction and Visual Design studio. Dallas worked with Biennale Di Venezia; Triennale di Milano; Kunsthalle Wien, Istituto Svizzero, Phaidon; Sternberg Press; OAMC. Dallas is in charge of the Art Direction of Muse Magazine. Art Director of Mousse Magazine since 2008, he has worked with international artists, writers, photographers, and collectives, conceiving and creating visual communication projects, books, and printed matters. He co-founded the independent publishing house Mousse Publishing in 2009. Member of the collective Rio Grande. Since 2013, Lecturer of Editorial Design at ISIA, Urbino.